Africans not to take the vaccine proposed by the USA and Europe- Barack Obama


Few days ago some French doctors wanted some medicines produced in Africa to be checked, a move that triggered many reactions across the world as President Barack Obama, the former American of Kenyan descent, declared that it would be wise to refuse any kind of assistance to Africa from outside the world because he thinks the vaccines are very risky and can be detrimental to Africans.

Barack Obama is asking Africans not to accept the vaccinations that will come from America and Europe because he sees them as harmful, so land in Africa will be checked that may potentially be detrimental to them.

Barack Obama: I’m going to be a collaborator if I don’t denounce this evil act that white people want to do to Africans, first of all I was born in America and I’m African blood, I’m not going to allow white people to kill Africans with their poisonous vaccines, I’m asking Africans to be vigilant and to make sure that coronavirus vaccines don’t get to African territory, for there is a Machiavellian plan on ground. They would claim to help but their aim is to harm the Africans.

Is it true that Africa is their dumping ground?

Your take in this discussion will be very important, as we all need to be safe.

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