Another fakes prophecy about COVID 19 by prophet TB joshua


Nigerian Prophet TB Joshua has brought a stern message from God after his return from the mountains.

A few days ago popular Nigerian prophet TB Joshua after giving a false prophecy as to when Coronavirus (COVID-19) would come to an end went to the mountains to pray for a new direction from God.

Well, he has returned from the mountains with a powerful message and a new direction on COVID-19 from God.

Prophet TB Joshua who described the lockdown and ban on churches directive as an evil spirit, defended that the government is rather incurring God’s wrath and not trying to protect people from risk.

He stated that the ban on churches and lockdown has put the souls of people in serious, bondage and anger.

Adding that the spirit of fear, the spirit of addiction among other ungodly things have filled the lives of believers because they are no fed with the word of God due to the ban on social gathering across the world.

He made this known while deliv


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