CSP Thomas Olabode Orire, DPO of Akodo police station debates of Community policing and youth responsibility for security development in ibeju Lekki



BACKGROUND: The Nigeria Police force is the orgavnisation saddled with responsibility of internal security of Nigeria and her duties includes : Protection of lives and properties, Detection of Crimes, Enforcement of all laws enacted by the act of parliament, traffic control, the performance of such military duties within and without the country as may be assigned by the president and other duties as contained in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. These duties are being carried out by the organisation despite the numerous challenges and complexities that crime and criminality has evolved. Other security agencies has come on board to join in the fight against crime and criminalities over time.
The United Nations (UN) recommend 0ne Police man to four hundred citizens. (1 to 400) for effective Policing and safe environment. The reality on
ground is obvious that Police cannot be every where considering the numerical strength and challenges.
The concept of COMMUNITY POLICING come handy to solve or ameliorate the security challenges in the society.

COMMUNITY POLICING basically is a strategy, concept, philosophy of encouraging or engaging the Public to partner or act as partners with the Police in preventing and managing crime, criminality as well as other aspects of security and order based on the needs of the community.

KEY WORDS – Partnership, Problem solving, Trust – Confidence building, Communication, Team work , Accountable Policing, security needs of the community.
THE YOUTH RESPONSIBILITY IN COMMUNITY POLICING: As an energetic, vibrant, productive, hope and strength of every community/society, their roles/ responsibility in community Policing cannot be over emphasised.
It is a well know fact that most of the heinous crimes and criminal activities in the society are carried out by the youths therefore the solution largely is with the youth.
Partnership – The partnership in community Policing with the public/ community involves every member of the community. The traditional rulers, community leaders, youths, market men and women. Infact all stake holders. The youth is key in the effective implementation of community Policing because as the engine room of the community they have the capacity to serve as a security and defence of the community and as an agent of positive change in crime and criminality. They are to serve as police/ security vanguards in their communities. We need their maximum support in useful and timely to the police, always on the positive side and peace making.

In conclusion- Community Policing is a proactive and collective approach to solving security problems, crime and criminality in the community and the society at large. The youth form themselves as security vanguards in each community and partners with the Police to make our society as safe place for all.
Security is the business of ALL. Let join hands and do it together.
Police is your friend.
God bless.


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