Fulani and Hausa Women Hardly Sleep Around, Here are the Reasons


This boils down to only three reasons which are;

1. strong Islamic influence

2. Lack of a polluted environment that would have been conducive for such

3. sexual satisfaction from their partners.

Most women cheat due to lack of sexual satisfaction from their partners.

An average Hausa man can consume all the sexual enhancing concoction known to the universe and the banging is like a full time job… they’re dedicated to making sure mama Musa says these words “Woyo Baba musa wahahi bura ka na da dadi kamar suga, ka ci ni har mmutu, cire mu da gindi na”

Google Translation: "Woyo Baba I swear your sweets are as sweet as sugar, eat me fresh, remove us and my bottom

What other reasons do you think?


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