Immiguy income program: Legit or Scam?


Immiguy income program: Legit or Scam?

Today I will be explaining immiguy and how it works to you.
What is immiguy?: immiguy is a platform created to earn money online with or without referral, reading and sharing news online,also by commenting on news.

Who owns Immiguy?: Immiguy is founded and owned by a hardworking blogger “Daramola Opeyemi”.

When was immiguy launched?: The idea of immiguy has been in existence since 2019 but was officially launched on march 2020 shortly after the beginning of covid-19 to help youths and others to make money indoor while still on lockdown.

Immiguy: Legit or Scam?
Many people have been asking this question or doubting if immiguy is legit or scam which is actually the right question for anyone to ask because so many income earning sites are available and also does not pay. It even came to a stage where some are selling their accounts to people because of payment issues.
But I am here to tell you happily that Immiguy is 100% legit cuz I (ceo 360NG) is a living witness, like I have cash out or withdrawn on immiguy so many times.

I remember when I was trying to refer lot of people but most of them really turn down the offer, the few I could convince are now thanking me for the opportunity I opened for them because they have been cashing out with or without referral even in this lockdown no time for brokeness for them..

Evidence to show that immiguy pays
How to know they really pay is by knowing their source of income because so many thoughts must ve been running through your mind like what could be the source of their income to pay everyone..
I am also here to clear your mind on that..
Check out the sources of income for immiguy to pay you all.
*register fee to join is 2k, so the more people register the more money enter immiguys pocket..😂😂you might say how much is 2k to pay so many people but remember little is also something.. Imagine how many people have registered on immiguy and multiply it by 2000, u will discover its also high amount of money..

*Google AdSense is also a source of income.. google AdSense is a monetising platform that pays site monthly for advertising on their can make more research on it.

*another source is MGid which also works as Google can also research it.

*last source is from companies advertising directly with the site..

How Immiguy Works
How To Earn On Immiguy Income Program.

*Once you Sign up, you receive bonus of ₦2000

*Reading News earn you ₦10

*Commenting on News ₦10

*Sharing any news on the site, you earn ₦2

*Daily Login bonus is ₦50

*You Earn ₦100 for Sharing our Daily sponsored post

*You Earn ₦50 for sharing our Daily Campaign Advert.

*And Earn ₦1200 for Referral Bonus.

*You can make ₦10,000 daily and up-to ₦50,000 Weekly on Immiguy Income Program. Daily Payment is GUARANTEED.

Happy Earning.🥳🥳🥳

How and when can I withdraw or cash out?
You can withdraw using the withdrawals form
*Immiguy pays non-referral on the 25th of each month with the minimum of 5k withdrawal
*Immiguy pays referral any time and minimum of withdrawal is also 5k

Do you need alert testimonies screenshot of people
Kindly join Immiguy Facebook Group @

With all this you should believe me Immiguy was, is, and will never be a Scam but LEGIT..

Say no to being broke and start cashing out/withdrawing with others.
Are you ready to Join Immiguy and Start earning.
click to join now

Register this link
You can also contact me for more information or guidelines @ or call +2349017136043


How To Get Referrals and Become One Of The Big Guys On Immiguy Income Program

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