Ladies in Amotekun outfits trends social media


In Nigeria today the word Amotekun has been generating series of headlines, while some are left for the government to grab the fashion world has chosen to pick its own.First, what is an Amotekun? Amotekun is an animal in the cat family. It is the yoruba name for either a cheetah or a leopard.

In Nigeria politics today, it has been the major headlines for almost a month, if not more as the SOUTHWEST Nigeria region create their own security outfit to curb insecurities in the region.

The show has been stolen by the fashion world and rightly so! No matter how wild a cheetah or leopard may look like, they always appear very beautiful due to their spotted skin which stand them out.

Ladies have taken to this style and are now presenting different Amotekun skin themed dresses for fashion.

See this amazing trio rocking an Amotekun themed outfit, this must be the end of beauty!


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