Stop cheating your partners. See slay queen mess up in street


1.) She suddenly started feeling uncomfortable receiving calls in your presence and started using security features on her phone and gets irrationally irritated when you get close to her phone, it means she is most likely hiding something from you mostly a new lover.

2.) She always cooks for an unknown sick person that she always goes to visit in the hospital, that is the one sure way men use as tricks to lure married women into the bedroom because they know nothing soothes a woman more when a man praises her cooking prowess.

3.) She always has one church program or the other and always finds anything the pastor says as being very funny, going to church is good but then placing your family over church is a bad omen to any healthy home.

4.) You don’t see value for the money you are giving her, i.e you give her 30,000 for upkeep in a month and you come back home to see only one carton of noodles, my brother she most likely has another man that she is giving the money because she loves him very much or she always complains the money you are giving her is not more enough despite the fact that you know it should be enough.

5.) She suddenly starts cutting away from your own side of the family, dodging meetings and avoiding calls with them this is one sure sign that the marriage has reached rock bottom already and she is tired already and probably wants a divorce from you the moment she gets it.

6.) She suddenly starts dressing like a young lady wearing clothes a married lady shouldn’t be caught wearing in order to maintain her decency, it means she is trying to look good for someone else she feels she is now in love with, you should try to confront her or look for ways to spice up the relationship back

7.) She starts rescinding your advances telling you funny tales like she is tired or always making up one excuse or the other when you want to be her, this is a very dangerous sign you should do everything possible to correct this in any possible way.


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