What I Saw When I Checked My 14-Year-Old Sister’s Facebook Inbox Broke My Heart”


I Am Planing To Seriously Beat My Kid Sister 2moro Morning  What I was scared of is finally happening… I’ve a lot to say but let me try to be brief…  It’s been 4years+ since I last went home to see my mum and siblings. I really love my kid sister so much even more than my mum.  There is a lot to say but to cut the long story short, when I came back she had already developed breast but she is just 14 years. Just today I talked to her about sex, boyfriends, pornography relationship, sex, everything in that area.  Recently she was using my phone for Facebook, then I asked her consent to read some of her messages which she agreed. As I was reading through she dragged the phone from my hand when I wanted to click a particular chat. I became inquisitive but respected her privacy. I then asked her to log out when she is done…  Just this night I wanted to login to my Facebook then I clicked the Facebook icon her account was still logged in… What I saw broke my heart, she was planning to send nudes to a guy and the guy was planning to have sex with her this weekend, she kept on telling him that she was afraid, but he kept on telling her he will use condom, that she should not be afraid…  My problem is that she is a minor and this guy is 27…  So this is what I plan to do, Flog her thoroughly very early tomorrow, then later talk to her again… Then that bastard beat him up in the evening with two other guys…  I really love this girl and Want the best for her pls parents preferably how should I handle this matter


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