Wonder shall never ends,Quran is the holy book with 10 difference signs


Is it a coincidence or a linguistic arithmetic?

• Suratul Kausar is the shortest sura of Quran and the total number of words in this sura is 10.

• There are 10 letters in the first Ayah of Suratul Kausar.

• There are 10 letters in the second Ayah.

• There are 10 letters in the third Ayah as well.

• The most repeatedly used letter in this Surah is the letter “Alif” which has been used 10 times.

• The number of letters which have been used only once in this Surah is 10.

• Each and every Ayah of this Surah ends with the letter “RAA” which is no. 10 in the sequence of Arabic Alphabets.

• All the Surahs of Holy Quran which end with the letter “Raa” are 10 in numbers and Suratul Kausar is the last of them.

• The fact behind the number “10” in this Surah is the 10th day of the month Zulhijjah about which Allah subhana wa ta’ala says “فصل لربك وانحر”. Pray to your Lord and sacrifice to him alone. This is in fact the day of sacrifice.

• SUBHANALLAH, this miracle is found in the shortest Surah of the Holy Quran which is written in only one line. What do you think of the big Surahs!!!

ALLAH subhana wa ta’ala has definitely and correctly said “If you have any doubt in what we have revealed upon our slave, then bring a Surah similar to it”.

May ALLAH subhana wa ta’ala give us a drink from the holy water of “Al-Kausar” after which we never feel thirst. Aameen.


May Allahu SWA guard and guide us all.

Ameeeem !


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